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Building the Netherlands new home for take away ordering. is a network of food ordering platforms. We deliver food to hungry customers. Our mission is simple: Give people the best possible take away experience. Currently operating in Denmark (, Ireland ( and soon The Netherlands. Through co-operation with thousands of takeaways across the countries, we make ordering food online easily, faster and cheaper. Founded by entrepeneur Morten Larsen and backed by investors, including Industry leaders DeliveryHero and JustEat founder Jesper Buch. We are headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark with local offices in Dublin and Amsterdam.


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 Morten Larsen
Hungry Group

Morten Larsen
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We primarily use WHITE text on GREEN background. We occassionally use SAND as our logo colour to offer contrast against the GREEN. ORANGE is used for call-to-action & sign-posting key messages.



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